The Flyer


This was to have been Today’s Image, and I was going to do a follow-up post on the Coltas Family. But, rather than his two childless sons being the last of the line, Christopher Coltas left a genetic inheritance of such proportions that I haven’t gathered in all the clan yet. I was, also, rather taken by the bears I found on a grave this morning!

Before the First World War, Rose Cottage was the home of Robert PLACE, his son George and their housekeeper Emily HORNER, as was. (Emily married George.)

Emily took in lodgers and one was John ‘Jack’ BRERETON, an aviator who spent some time at the  Blackburn Flying School at Flat Cliffs, just south of Primrose Valley.

After he left the area Jack sent Emily a postcard.



His message reads:-

Dear Mrs Place,

Will you please send on those things of mine to “Kiplingcotes”. You have the address I believe. Mr [?] Scott is doing well at Hendon. I often wish I was flying at Filey again.

Kind regards hope this will find you quite well.

Yours sincerely,

J Brereton

My thanks to Christine Hayes for the digital copy of the postcard.

George PLACE is on FamilySearch Tree with his parents, though not under his full name – and not yet hitched to Emily. He is buried in St Oswald’s churchyard. I will attend to his pedigree soon.

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