The Family of Daniel Seaton

As the bus approached Kirkbymoorside it passed signposts pointing to villages well-known to the Seatons – Appleton le Moors, Hutton-le-Hole, Keldholme and Lastingham – and through Sinnington, the village in which Bessy Seaton was born. (This Bessy was the granddaughter of the Daniel featured in this post.)

Born in 1753, Daniel married Margaret SIMPSON quite late, after he’d established himself as a Land Agent in Kirkbymoorside. He had six children with her. Three died in infancy, George died when he was 25 and two sons, Daniel junior and Philip married and raised families of their own. Daniel had four children (known so far) with Ann GARBUTT, one being Ann, mother of John William Arthur DANBY of an earlier post. Philip had seven known children with Ann WOODCOCK, one of them the Bessy born in Sinnington.

Before I set out for Kirkbymoorside yesterday I knew the order in which Daniel senior’s children had been born, thanks to the clerk who registered their baptisms.

Daniel junior was the second child and first son and the register entry gives the names of his grandparents. If only all baptism registers were this helpful.

©North Yorkshire County Record Office

Seaton Danl | 2nd & 1st son | Daniel of Kirby, son of Jno. of [?] by Susanh. Sayer | Margt., Dr of Geo. Simpson of Kirby by Eliz. Nicholson | (born) May 2 | (baptised) May 4.

At All Saints Church, I found the wall mounted plaque that sets in stone some of the information about the children offered above.


Sacred to the memory of Daniel Seaton who departed this life Aug 11 1802, aged 49 years.

Also, three children who died in their infancy.

George Seaton, son of the above Daniel Seaton, died Nov 7, 1818 aged 25 years.

Likewise Margaret, wife of the above named Daniel Seaton, who died July 8, 1854, aged 87 years.

Jane (firstborn), Margaret (3 & 2nd) and Bessy (5 and 3rd) are the infants who died.

The plaque pictured above is just part of a larger memorial on the outside wall (east side) of the church porch.


The eroded bottom section gives information about Daniel’s parents.

Susanna Seaton, mother of the above Daniel Seaton, died May 20, 1802 aged 86 years.

John Seaton, her husband, departed this life Feb 18, 1807 in his 82d year.


All Saints Church, Kirkbymoorside yesterday, the hottest day of the year so far.

Not all the information supplied by the baptism records and monumental inscription has been incorporated into FamilySearch Tree yet. Find this Daniel Seaton. (There are a lot of duplicate records to be merged so this link may not “work” in the future.)

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