Three Sisters

Sarah Ann, Mary and Grace were born to Arthur COULSON and Jane ATKINSON between 1825 and 1833. They had an older brother, William, but he died in 1860, aged 37.

GateHouseFarm_BingIn 1851 Arthur was farming 104 acres at The Gate House a little to the north of Lebberston village. The family unit was in residence, complete, with two farm labourers living in. A year after William’s death the Coulsons were still together, but Arthur had only 12 acres in Gristhorpe.

Arthur died in 1869 and his widow appears to have sold the farm. The 1871 census shows Jane at the same address as a “retired farmer” with two unmarried daughters. Mary had left home after marrying John SIXTON, a few months before her father died.

I mentioned in an earlier post that farmers married late. John, a bachelor, was 57 and Mary 41 when they teamed up to farm 56 acres at Gristhorpe.

By 1881 the sisters were orphans and the census indicates that Arthur’s land hadn’t been sold but rented out. Sarah Ann and Grace were living together as “Land Owners”. It seems unlikely that the rent from 12 acres would have kept the sisters so perhaps they had inherited the Gate House land too.

John Sixton died in 1885 and in 1891 the three sisters were living together in Londesborough Road, Scarborough. The exact address isn’t given but at the 1901 and 1911 censuses, Mary was resident at No. 28, three doors away from the CARR sisters (24 June post A Visitor).


Grace died in 1897 and Sarah Ann in 1899. The three sisters are together in St Oswald’s churchyard.


The inscriptions are difficult to read. Mary is with John on the left; Grace and Sarah Ann to the right. The graves of their parents are almost in the line of sight through the gap between the stones, near the church.


I have only just made a start on the Coulson pedigree on FST. I’ll put all four stones on as Memories as soon as I can but for now, you can find the family, in isolation and without the Sixton connection, here.

Finding a Jewel

On my walk this morning, I saw this insect –


I haven’t been able to identify it.



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