Ladies and Gentlemen

Two sisters who appear to have lived most of their lives together are remembered in St Oswald’s churchyard.


They were born in Tamworth, Staffordshire and, as yet, I don’t know what brought them to Filey for their last years. Both grandfathers were described as “Gentlemen” at the wedding of their parents Samuel ARNOLD and Mary Hannah WOODWARD. Joseph Arnold worked as a Maltster in 1841 but then turned his hand to Brick and Tile manufacture. Samuel carried on the business and in 1871 was specializing in Blue Bricks, while his father presented himself to the world as a “Landowner”.

David Woodward was a silk manufacturer but perhaps not particularly prosperous. Unless that is, he married his second wife for love. Mary’s father, Peter WOODWARD, was a miner. The marriage ceremony took place in Sheffield Cathedral.

Mary, at this her first marriage, was 39 years old but there was still time to have two children. Lavinia and Ralph. Lavinia married a metallurgist of some repute, George James SNELUS. She lived with her husband at Ennerdale Hall, Frizington in Cumberland and was well-known and admired in the nearby town of Workington. The news of her death in 1892 was “received with the most genuine expressions of regret”.

There are quite a few of Jessie and Edith’s relatives on FamilySearch Tree but they have yet to be linked together. I’m surprised that descendants haven’t yet given them proper representation on the World Tree.

Find Samuel, who died in the same week of 1892 as Lavinia, here.

The last address of the sisters is 14 The Crescent. I don’t think the Post Office has changed the numbering in the last 80 years. I photographed the tucked-away cottage this afternoon.


Another False Icon

Clown World UK now has the perfect man for the “top job”. He starts work on not delivering Brexit tomorrow. Buckle up, Brits… bumpier roads ahead.

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