Weather Catch-Up

I’m still working on the Ten Stations but here is a graph showing the Daily Mean Temperature above Pre-Industrial Baseline for Durham Tees over the last ten weeks. The tenth week included the heatwave and its effect on the Year to Date average is clear. The Five Northern Hemisphere Stations include Rome, which also experienced the heatwave – but the other stations have diluted its impact.


Bear in mind that my Pre-Industrial Baseline is 0.85° below the 10 Year Mean (Meteorological Year 2008/9 to 2017/18), calculated daily for each station and averaged for the Hemispheres and Globe. I’ve given the start and end Mean temperatures for this period and “the math” is easy – indicating that Durham Tees is running cooler than the Ten Year average, and the five Northern Hemisphere stations warmer. (The southern hemisphere is warmer still.) This doesn’t necessarily indicate that global warming continues have the upper hand. I heard one amateur climate scientist declare on YouTube a couple of days ago that the recent European heatwave is a clear indication that the Grand Solar minimum is underway. He could be right, but Bob Henson’s “Full Scoop” points the finger at greenhouse gases. (Note that Bob mentions an observed 1°C rise in global temperature over the last century, making my 0.85-degree rise since, say, 1750, appear conservative.)

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