A couple of days ago, The Beeb reported that last month was the warmest July on record. The data came from the EU’s Copernicus Climate Change Service.

The figures have yet to be confirmed but I was interested in July 2019 being 1.2°C above an 1850 to 1900 baseline.

I had a look at my Ten Station data for last month. They are compromised because the first nine days are missing on Weather Underground, so can’t be taken too seriously.

I only have figures for 2009 to 2019.

The Five Northern Hemisphere Stations

2018 had the warmest July, 0.12°C higher than this year (26.08° cf 25.96°C).

July 2019 was 1.12°C above my Pre-Industrial baseline.

The Five Southern Hemisphere Stations

Last month in the south was the warmest July since 2009, 0.09°C warmer than 2014, the second warmest July.

July 2019 was 1.59°C above Pre-Industrial.

Global Ten Station Average

July 2019 was 0.01°C warmer than last year, and 1.35°C above Pre-industrial.

Year to Date

That July this year was particularly warm is indicated by the ongoing average daily Mean temperatures above (my) Pre-Industrial baseline.

At the end of the 35th week of this meteorological year, above P-I:-

North 1.06°C

South 1.44°C

Globe 1.25°C

But the global difference is only 0.10°C, so “nothing to see here”, perhaps.

I have caught up with data collection from Weather Underground and will offer a graph or two next Sunday.

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