On the Fells

As a family name, FELL may have evolved from the European landscape or from an occupation. A fellmonger prepared skins for tanners and curriers. Yorkshire has its share of Fells, though you would think the largest English county a desert if you put your faith in Ancestry’s 1891 census distribution.

There is a cluster of these folk in Flamborough, and a few in Filey but the 1881 Census shows them scattered about all three Ridings and in Lincolnshire. (Kath has around a hundred Fells in her Filey Genealogy & Connections database and they rank equal 66th in the frequency chart (with DOBSON and TEMPLE). A quick glance shows John to be the most common name for boys, and Mary for girls.

There are two Rachels, and both were daughters of John FELL and Mary CAMMISH. The first Rachel was born about a year after her parents married in 1830 but she didn’t live to a second birthday. The next child, their only son Richard, lived for only six months.

Two years later Rachel the Second arrived and she not only married but had nine children with fisherman Thomas JENKINSON. Thomas just made it to his sixties; Rachel died aged 63.


Thy will be done

In loving memory of THOMAS JENKINSON, the beloved husband of RACHEL JENKINSON, who died May 11th1895, aged 60 years.

The voyage of life is at an end

The mortal affliction is past

The age that in Heaven they spend

For ever and ever shall last.

Also RACHEL, wife of the above, who died Oct. 1st 1899, aged 63 years.

Thy will be done

Find Rachel on FamilySearch Tree.

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