Cool Rio

Before the temperature data stopped flowing out of Weather Underground, I thought my Stations had settled into a Top Ten that wouldn’t change. But in Week 33, after normal service resumed, there were some rather extreme figures which returned Koltsovo to Number 1, Buenos Aires moved up to 6th (after propping up the table for the first five weeks of the meteorological year), and Mumbai pushed Rome into tenth place. The bottom two swapped places the following week and the top two the week after. The latest Table looks like this –


You will notice immediately that all ten stations now have a running average Mean Daily Temperature below the feared 2°C.

Positions may change again but I’m going to do Sunday posts for the rest of the year that will feature just one of the ten stations, starting with the “warmest”, then the “coldest” in the northern hemisphere, and so on.

After the heatwaves, things have cooled noticeably. The Ten returned a temperature of only 0.26°C above Pre-Industrial last week. (My weeks, by the way, run from Saturday to Friday.)


You will see from this full Table, with added DurhamTees data, that my nearest reliable local station broke through the two-degree barrier – but for the year-to-date is nonetheless running 0.47°C cooler than the “Ten Station Globe”.

Here is the first of the 10-week cycle set of graphs.


The ten-week histogram shows Rio’s almost 3.5°C range in average Mean Temperature above Pre-Industrial, and there’s no need for an added trendline to indicate the cooling. The small Rio graph for last week does, however, indicate how much it warmed from the Sunday low point. It didn’t feel particularly warm on the Yorkshire Coast last week but the figures suggest otherwise.

Recent Category 6 posts on Weather Underground have included –

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A website with different fish to fry has an elderly but useful post about Eddy. Either way, we have been warned.

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