Little Children

Glaves Foster and his wife Mary named their third son Henry. He died before his first birthday. After bringing another two children into the world they tried again with Henry. He did much better. Local newspapers reported his passing. This from the Hull Daily Mail, 31 May 1938:-

County Alderman Henry Foster, of Red House, Filey, died at Filey yesterday, at the age of 73.

Alderman Foster descended from a yeoman family whose records go back in local registers to 1610. He was a member of the old Board of Guardians for over 40 years, a county alderman and magistrate for 20 years, and a member of Filey Council for 15 years. His service to the church was also long-standing. He was a warden for 34 years, treasurer of Filey Parochial Church Council for almost an equal period. He also served as chairman of Filey Lifeboat Council, chairman of Filey Fishermen’s Trust and president of Filey Conservative Club.

The Fosters are mentioned as landowners in the Filey parish award dated 1788, and also in the parishes of Gristhorpe and Muston.

Henry Two farmed at Newbiggin. He married Annie Elizabeth GRUBB at St Oswald’s in March 1899 and about fourteen months later their first child, Mary, was born at the farm. A year later the trio was living in Filey, at Number 1, The Crescent, where an uncle James WADDINGHAM was head of the household.


1, The Crescent, this morning

It was perhaps here in June 1901, that Annie Elizabeth gave birth to twins William Henry and George Waddingham, and died shortly afterwards. One source says that the boys survived for 14 weeks, another says fifteen. William died on 25 September and George two days later. They were both buried on the 30th, in a small plot beside their mother. A small cross has gone from atop their stone.


In 1911 the census records Henry at 1, The Crescent, occupation farmer, with daughter Mary, a schoolgirl. At the age of 29, Mary married chartered accountant James Stanley TURNBULL at St Oswald’s. He died three years later, shortly after the birth of their only child, Ruth Mary.

When Ruth was eight-years-old she was introduced to a step-father, Clifford Hubert DAVIES, vicar of Thornton. When she was 25, her mother died. Clifford married again about a year later, in 1946. He was Rector of Stokesley between 1942 and 1966 and became a Canon of York. He died aged 79 in 1980. Ruth married Michael J LAYCOCK in 1957.

Newspaper half-tone of Henry Foster.
The Red House, photographed yesterday.

Henry and Annie Elizabeth on FamilySearch Tree.

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