The World Upside Down

In the southern hemisphere, four of my five weather stations caught chills in Week 38, and extreme warmth in Koltsovo and Washington helped to push the north over 2 degrees Centigrade above pre-industrial. But the hemispheres cancelled each other out – the running average global Mean Temperature remains the same as last week at 1.22ºC above pre-industrial.


Wellington is the second “warmest” station in the southern hemisphere, peaking at 2.05 ºC above pre-industrial in January, but cooling overall, just, since then. Perhaps the upturn over the last three months will continue.


The last five weeks in Wellington suggest this is unlikely.


Twelve thousand miles separate Wellington from Durham Tees but, as far as temperature goes, their experience in Week 38 was similar. The “swing” was just a bit more extreme in Wellington.

The week, globally, was most notable for wildfires. The fires in Amazonia received the most attention in the lamestream media. The Indonesian and Siberian fires have barely been acknowledged in the UK and those in Angola and the Congo seem to have been ignored completely. Go here to see the present situation world-wide. There seems to be a connection between the hottest year on record and the number of wildfires – though human greed plays a significant role in the devastation. And in the suffering of all creatures great and small.

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