Little Britain

Last Wednesday I wrote about Glaves FOSTER and mentioned he was farming 225 acres at Little Britain, Gristhorpe, in 1861. His father, aged 79, was enumerated at the same address that year, managing 95 acres with the help of his wife Ellis, youngest son Francis Robert, a male farm servant, a dairymaid and an errand boy.

In 1929 a farm at Little Britain could be found on the Ordnance Survey 6 inch map.

Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland: Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) licence.

A large chunk of the farm was taken after this date and the unlovely Dale Electric factory built upon it. The factory closed a few years ago and has now been demolished. The Google Earth satellite view shows some buildings still standing. A more recent pass by a Bing satellite shows the scar of the cleared site, now awaiting the building of about forty houses.


Francis and Ellis are buried at St Oswald’s. Their headstone has been moved from the gravesite to the north wall of the churchyard.


Filey Genealogy & Connections reveals that four of their five children married and lists 18 grandchildren. Most of this information has yet to find its way onto the FamilySearch Shared Tree.


2 thoughts on “Little Britain

  1. My lot the Gofton family had Little Britain at one time.
    One of the family Thomas Gofton married into the Beswick family.


    1. Thanks for the information, Paul. I have some photographs of Gofton headstones in Filey churchyard to put on the FamilySearch World Tree. Let me know if any may be remembrances of your forebears. Thomas is too far back in time, I think. I wonder what happened to Rachel’s first husband.


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