The first-named on the trio of stones (yesterday’s post) were seemingly rooted in different places.


This William, born in Gristhorpe, farmed Muston Grange for most of his life. His unmarried son, also William, continued to work this land after his father’s death. I have yet to determine who the parents of William Senior were. At the time Junior was at Muston Grange, so too was William Stilborn Foster, one of the farmer sons of Glaves. The two are not related by blood in my Filey Genealogy database, as presently constituted, so I’m wondering how the Grange came to be divided.


In most sources, she is “Edith” and was born in Kirby Misperton. In the 1841 census she is recorded as “Elizabeth” at Allinston Lane End, Barmston where, at the age of 84, her husband William was farming with the help of three male labourers and a female farm servant. Edith(a) died in Barmston in the first month of 1842, and William in the last, in Filey.



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