The Difference a Day Makes

From the south side of the Ravine yesterday morning I heard the buzz of strimmers in the churchyard. Not the usual one or two – a swarm. The community service gang was at work. And they made a difference.

When I posted a photo of Maude’s flower container inscription on Wednesday, I hinted at neglect. This is what the grave plot looked like on Tuesday.


And this morning…


A great improvement.

Talking of Greatness…

Some months ago, I wrote that Greta Thunberg was Great. I have never been able to stand before a group of people and speak, so I was hugely impressed that she could address large gatherings of old people who should know better and educate them about climate change. Speaking truth to power has brought her a rising ocean of nasty publicity.

I haven’t been able to watch her recent speeches. I can’t handle the hysterical responses to what she has been saying. That she is being “used”, as well as abused, is undeniable but I for one am grateful for all the cage-rattling she is doing. Thanks to Robin Westenra for directing me to this post by Chris Trotter.

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