Francis William LANE has married into the HOYLAND family.

I have been getting flashbacks to the 1970s when I happened upon the abstract paintings of John Hoyland. I didn’t have a clue what they were “about”. I was just grateful that they added to the small sum of my happiness back then. I have been wondering if he was from mining stock.

The name seems to derive from the Norse invaders and means ‘farm on the hill’. In England and Wales in 1881, over a thousand people were called Hoyland and about 70 per cent were living in the West Riding of Yorkshire. I wasn’t surprised when I found this stat today, simply because a small number of the tribe that Francis married into had been born in Hoyland Nether (sometimes Nether Hoyland) or Hoyland Common. If you check out the Tree you will notice that William, the great grandfather of Sarah Ellen Hoyland, had been born in neighbouring Nottinghamshire, all of thirty miles away from their Common (or Nether parts).

Some of Sarah Ellen’s folks were born in Sheffield, where Painter John entered the world in 1934. There must be a good chance that he is a cousin to Sarah. but nobody has made the connection yet on the Shared Tree. I am always a little surprised when I don’t find “high achievers” on the World Tree.


John Hoyland died in 2011. His life and work can be investigated here. The image above is a screenshot of his studio floor (with chair).

There is a very pleasing Hoyland One-Name Study website. It provided information for this post and has links to John. I hope Hoylands everywhere will contribute to its growth.

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