Emily’s Brother

I have given Emily Dawson some company on FamilySearch today – brothers, sisters, in-laws, nephews and nieces. Wondering again why she chose exile from her heartland.

I mentioned her brother the shipowner yesterday. In the next census, he was following his father’s trade, butchery. But a short obituary following his somewhat sudden death at the age of 59 mentions his links to shipping.


Three of the seven children John had with Emily (HEWISON) had died aged 8, 9 and 10, leaving Errington, Lilian, John Albert and Sydney “to mourn”.

There is a gallery of old North Shields photographs here. Sadly, Dockwray Square doesn’t feature but there are a couple of pictures of Stan LAUREL, born in Ulverston but living in North Shields around the time of John’s death.

Today’s Image

The old Coalbrookdale oak seems to be alive and well in the latest satellite imagery. Here it is in full leaf (and 3D) on Google Earth.


For a wider view, here are the coordinates: – 52°38’36” N 2°30’14” W.

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