Willersley House

I had to go into Scarborough this morning, so took the opportunity to look for Willersley House, the last residence of Oswald COOPER and his wife Beatrice. I got off the bus at Wheatcroft and walked down Filey Road towards town.


The house was built in the 1880s and Beatrice died in 1975. It is now home to 22 girls boarding at Scarborough Sixth Form College.

Both of the Rev Canon Cooper’s sons served in the Great War, Walter in the Royal Artillery and Oswald in the Lancashire Fusiliers. Both attained the rank of Captain but early in the war…

Lieutenant Oswald Cooper, youngest son of the Rev. Canon and Mrs Cooper has been invalided home after being wounded [at Gallipoli], and having had an attack of enteric fever. We hope his native air, a good rest, and good nursing, especially as his eldest sister, Miss Mary Cooper, is one of the nurses at our Filey Red Cross Hospital, will bear good fruit, and that he will soon gain his health and strength to once again serve his King and Country.

Driffield Times, 6 November 1915.

Oswald married Beatrice, the only daughter of Henry KING, about three weeks before the war ended. Born in Knaresborough, she spent most of her childhood in Malton. In 1911 the family lived at the Red Lodge in Filey (right in the photo below, taken yesterday afternoon).


Oswald was a schoolteacher in Scarborough but I haven’t found any news items relating to his career. I’m sure he would approve of the use to which his home is being put.

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