In late 1868, Edmund JENKINSON and Jane, his second wife, registered their first child together as Tom Robert. He was christened at the Primitive Methodist chapel in Filey on November the 22nd. When they registered his death four years later he was Thomas Robert.

In February 1869, Mary Elizabeth SAYERS was with child when she married Richard Cammish JENKINSON in St Oswald’s church. They named their first-born Tom Robert and that’s the name on his headstone. For much of his life though, he was ‘Old Naz’.

Meanwhile, in the deep south (Wandsworth), William JENKINSON and Susan FREEMAN had a boy child they called Thomas Robert.

In the alternative world that is the FamilySearch Shared Tree, you can find him unmarried with a daughter, but the son of Filey fisherman Richard Cammish Jenkinson (‘Dick Sled’) and Mary Elizabeth Sayers.


This is not as bad as it looks. There is a Wandsworth Thomas Robert with a different ID and the correct lineage (at first glance). This will make it easier to rescue Old Naz from his captors.

Old Naz, Benny Hoy and Dicky Hoy, courtesy Ben Jenkinson

Dicky Hoy is Richard Cammish Jenkinson Jnr in the fragment of pedigree above, (brother of Old Naz).

On Friday 6th August 1909 the Scarborough Mercury reported: –

Yesterday two Filey fishermen named Tom Robert Jenkinson and Tom Cammish, were salmon fishing from the boat Daybreak, near to the wreck of the Laura at Speeton, when their nets became fastened to a brass cannon, a relic of [HMS] Nautilus, a [sloop-of-war] which was wrecked about 1800. They had just got the cannon weighed up when the net gave way, the last-named being covered with verdigris from the cannon. About 60 years ago the late Mr. Sellers, of Speeton, had hold of the mouth of one of these cannons with which the Nautilus was equipped. He was crabbing at the time, and a very low tide enabled him to reach the mouth of the cannon, but not having anything with which to buoy the gun it is supposed that it has been allowed to [rest] in the sea ever since.

There was a third Filey Tom/Thomas Robert Jenkinson, born in 1876, so it isn’t certain that it was Old Naz who had the encounter with the Nautilus cannon. He would have been thirty years old at the time.

Old Naz married Elizabeth Towse SHEPHERD in 1890. I will put a photograph of their headstone on FST as a memory when I have brought the kidnapped fisherman home.


Tilly and the Tree Rats

I met Tilly on my afternoon walk today. She was keen to get at the Glen Gardens squirrels. This photo is for her, snapped this morning in Church Ravine. Yum yum.


2 thoughts on “Kidnapped

  1. Another copy of the photo captions the left hand man as Brazzy Jenkinson, Dicky Hoy’s uncle, 24 yrs older. Old Naz was only 5 yrs older than Dicky Hoy. Daybreak was sailed by Naz and DIcky, so the identification of the Thomas Robert as Naz will be correct.


    1. Thanks for this, Andrew. It may well be Brazzy on the left, given the (estimated) date of the photo. Seems we need a deciding vote!



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