The Other Elizabeth Whiting

In amongst the misinformation about her, the death of Elizabeth’s father in the year of her birth was correct. She didn’t get to see him. He didn’t get to hold her.


Her future didn’t take long to establish. Three candidates showed up in the search for a husband but only one was made of the right stuff. David SMITH, somewhat ironically, followed the same trade as the Tailor of Scawton, (one of the troublesome William Colleys betrothed in error to Skipsea Elizabeth). Aged 58, he is with Elizabeth in Withernsea and her birthplace is given as Owthorne. In 1841 they had a thirteen-year-old daughter with them. Susannah may have been an only child.  The small family is on the Shared Tree. I have attempted to clear away all the dead source-wood. My thanks go to another contributor, Rosemary, who is assisting with the tidy-up.

Humans 18, Homes 1,400, Animals 480 Million

Australian bushfire casualties (counted or estimated) as of first thing this morning. The functionally extinct koala seems to have lost about 80 per cent of its population. I can’t remember where I read it, or how long ago, but I recall someone opining that Australia would become the first place on earth to become uninhabitable. The Lucky Country, eh?

Elsewhere, humans continue killing humans. Our Lovely Planet.

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