Warmer than the Hottest Year

2016 is not universally accepted as the Earth’s “hottest year on record”, but the UK Met Office seems comfortable in declaring it so. Last year was the second hottest.

Yesterday I posted a graph showing the percentage of the current Meteorological Year’s first 63 days that were warmer than the same period last year. Here is a companion chart showing this year’s warm days compared to 2016.


The percentage range is slightly less: North 63.8, South 41.3 (compared to 70.2/33.3) but the 10-station Globe Average is very similar: 51.75 compared to last year and 52.54 compared to the hottest year, 2016. There are still 43 weeks to go for the contrary 9-week globe figures to reverse and make more sense, but it already seems clear that we are heading for another near-record hot year. How much more than “1.1C above pre-industrial average” will it be?


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