A Mystery Occupation

The two Georges DOVE are still in a tangle on the Shared Tree. There are enough sources on FamilySearch to make a sound case for a switcheroo but I’m still looking for a piece of gotcha evidence. As mentioned in an earlier post, each George heads a household in the 1841 census but “Snaith George” then seems to disappear with Rachel née BICKERTON. Of their five children, I have only found Harriet in 1851 – as a 13-year-old servant in Whitgift, (about 8 miles from Hook where her parents married).

Middleton George is a widower in 1871 and living with his married daughter Jane Elizabeth, son in law George WARLEY and three grandchildren, Jackson, Charlotte and Mary. He is described as an annuitant and at the given age of 67 is old enough to have given up blacksmithing. He is actually 74-years-old with eight more years to live.

Snaith George’s given age in the 1841 census is 35 – and I can’t make out his occupation in the page image accessed at Find My Past. Any suggestions?


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