Smith & Barwick

A family business, but only in the genealogical sense.

Francis SMITH, who rented rooms in Filey to the holidaying author of Jane Eyre, is buried in St Oswald’s churchyard.


Erected in memory of FRANCIS SMITH of Cliff House, Filey, late of Boynton,

who died 26th September 1855, aged 72 years.

‘His end was peace’

Also, ELEANOR his wife, who died 21 January 1872, aged 80 years.

Also, MARY MANKIN, sister of ELEANOR SMITH, who died at Filey, 7 Nov 18??, aged 65 years.

Francis and Eleanor’s elder daughter Louisa is by their side, remembered as a wife of George COLLEY. The stone also references her husband’s next (and last) spouse, Sarah TOYN.

Francis lived to see just one of Louisa’s four daughters – Hannah Eleanor, who married John Foster BARWICK at St Oswald’s in March 1881.

John Foster was a farmer born in Coxwold, not far from Shandy Hall, (and almost a hundred years after the world was treated to the Opinions of the eponymous Tristram). A fallen, broken stone next to Louisa’s remembers John and Hannah Eleanor.


Yesterday, while searching for newspaper stories about Francis, the Barwick name appeared unexpectedly. Filey Genealogy & Connections has Francis and Eleanor Mankin’s firstborn George, born and baptised in Bridlington in 1814, but without any further information. He is also, as I write, a single man on the Shared Tree.

But I found this:-

April 20, at Coxwold, by the Rev. G. Scott, M.A., Mr. Smith of Newburgh, only son of Francis Smith, Esq., of Filey, to Miss Barwick, eldest daughter of the late Wm. Barwick, of Coxwold.

Hull Packet 5 May 1854

George was 39 years old (and a bachelor) when he married, so it seemed likely that I would find Ann a generation back from John Foster, embedded firmly within the Coxwold Barwicks. It wasn’t much of a surprise to find she was John Foster Barwick’s aunt.

It has been quite straightforward putting the Smith & Barwick pieces together in RootsMagic but I have made an unholy mess of the families on Find My Past.

On FamilySearch, the siblings Ann and William Francis Barwick, (George Smith’s wife and Hannah Eleanor Colley’s father in law) are unconnected. Ann is with her parents, William and Mary [SCAIFE]. William Francis is married to Ann [FOSTER], their scrap of pedigree generated by a christening record for daughter Ann Elizabeth.

An outstanding feature of most of the Coxwold Barwick clan is their fecundity. It will take an age to gather them together on the Shared Tree. (A perfect pastime for the inevitable voluntary or mandatory quarantine period round the corner.)

What intrigues me more, though, is how George Smith of Filey came to be at Newburgh, near Coxwold. The “Big House” there has an interesting occupant, according to legend – the headless corpse of Oliver CROMWELL.

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