I did some more work on the Paliologi today, putting the five sons of Nicholas and Annie Elizabeth DRIVER on the Shared Tree.

Theodore, St John Lower’s older brother, was obviously of more interest to me now, after seeing the photo of a possible ancestor’s tomb inscription. He was just Theodore in the few sources that mentioned him – until I found a record of his aunt Sarah’s will, made in Middlesex Hospital a short time before her death in 1890.

I Sarah Paliologus leave and bequeath to my nephew Theodore Constantine Paliologus two thirds of what I possess and one third to my cousin Rose Marie Laura Kallonas. I declare before God that this is my last Will and Testament.

I wonder, named after the last Byzantine Emperor?

Find Sarah Isabella on FamilySearch. Take a closer look and you will notice that her mother was born Mary Jane Sophia DRIVER, and nephew Theodore’s mother is Annie Elizabeth DRIVER. In a gene pool as small as that of the British occupiers in Calcutta, it is a relief that mother and grandmother from opposite sides of the track are not related by blood. Annie’s father was Garret and Mary’s, John, their connection a mystery, to me at least.

Mary Jane Sophia and Nicholas Paliologus senior married in St John’s Cathedral, Calcutta, on 12 January 1824 and I was pleased to see one of my favourite early British photographers had captured it in the 1860s.

St John's CathedralKolkata_SamlBOURNE_BL
courtesy The British Library

Samuel Bourne India Photographs. On the Shared Tree, he waits at the altar for Mary TOLLEY. In 1911 the couple, aged 76 and 66, were enumerated at a house in The Park, Nottingham, that they  (I guess) had named “The Bright Lands”. Living with them was their unmarried daughter, Constance, born in Simla in 1870.

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