A Fourth Wife for William

Ann Welburn née THICKETT died in the third quarter of 1871 aged 57 and, true to form, William has married again before six months passed. Elizabeth BELLAMY was 42 years old and William was her first husband. I don’t think she had any children with him but in 1881 their home in Paragon Place, Sculcoates, sheltered six-year-old Eliza ELWOOD, William’s granddaughter. Eliza was in residence ten years later but I don’t know if it had been her permanent home. Her mother Alice, daughter of William and his first wife Harriett CUNDELL, was alive and would die in 1922 aged 72. I will try to find what happened to Eliza’s father, John William Elwood.

Obviously, William has been hard work. I’ve spent most of this darn lockdown day collecting dozens of pieces of information to add to the scattered family elements on the Shared Tree. I’m not complaining. Interest has been easy to sustain. These people lived in streets I know quite well from my childhood wanderings – and didn’t change much until the 1960s.

A Cooler Week


Three of the five southern stations were warmer than last week but the overall hemisphere increase was less than a hundredth of a degree centigrade. All five northern stations were cooler than last week, though my local “outlier” station bucked the trend. (Not by much, just 0.03°C). No sign, then, of reduced industrial activity building a temperature spike. Cue Today’s Image.

Abstract 50 · Church Cliff Drive


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