Call of the Wild

Have you ever imagined being dropped by a helicopter onto the summit of Everest without oxygen? A physician in a New York ICU says that some of the Covid-19 patients he has seen are presenting as if they have just been rescued from such an experience. Cameron Kyle-Sidell tells the story in six minutes. It chimes with Dana Ashlie’s video, (Wednesday’s post).

I’ve been a good old man today, taking less than my allocated hour to saunter along the prom, view the sea and sky and take in some fresh air, seeing one soul. Back in my cell, I heard Prof. Knut Wittkowski say –

Going outdoors is what stops every respiratory disease.

He isn’t a fan of locking people up and countries down. Journeyman Pictures released their interview with the Professor about a week ago and before that offered another perspective on the pandemic given by Dr John Ioannidis. It will take a couple of hours of your life to watch both videos but if you are seeking a better understanding of the crimes now being perpetrated on humanity…

The sometimes rather dour UK Column News closed today with this…



Flight of Fancy 19 · A Water-world Grey


I saw this fellow in a wave breaking onto the Royal Parade steps this morning. I have just noticed he was not alone. Seeing eye to eye with ET. (Maybe I’ve caught cabin fever.)


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