Aerosols Bite the Dust

My Ten Weather Stations are giving the Aerosol Masking Effect a hard time. The hypothesis proposes that the decline in activity of 3 billion formerly industrious humans will cause pollution to fall from the skies, clearing the way for King Sol to raise the global temperature. (By as much as one-degree celsius perhaps.)


The Ten Station Globe was 0.065°C cooler last week than the week before and this week sees a further drop. Only Rome and Wellington has provided some counterbalancing warmth. That’s a fall of 0.233°C in the last three weeks. I’ve seen a comment online that the Aerosol Masking Effect is an “irrelevant and exotic idea”. The McPherson Paradox is under review.

The five northern stations are still running hot but the overall cooling has been enough to drop the mini-Globe into the “orange zone”, between the Paris Target and Two degrees above Pre-industrial.

Bird 78 · Wren


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