An Unknown Wife

She was a couple of months pregnant when she married John CROMPTON in St Oswald’s Filey on Valentine’s Day 1762. Over the next nineteen years, she gave birth to eleven children and there are christening records for ten of them – but only John is named as a parent.


This list of IGI records online acknowledges the possibility of another Father John but two genealogies on FamilySearch confidently name the mother as Ann COWPER. If you check the full IGI list you will see her marriage to John, though the date is given as 14 September 1762. Firstborn Ann was christened that day.

Filey Genealogy & Connections has ten of the children, with four of them marrying. Elisabeth, who died before her first birthday, is missing. Ian Ollman’s Family Tree has all the children.

Kath notes that when her father in law Richard died, Ann took over the licence of the Packhorse Inn on the corner of Queen and Reynolds Streets (later demolished and replaced by The Crown). When she died in 1792, her fisherman husband wasted little time marrying the Widow SCALES. In some sources, she is “Ellis”, in others “Alice”. This is a commonplace on the Yorkshire coast, and maybe further afield, but it can cause problems.

On the Shared Tree a while back Ellis was happily married to William Scales but, when I looked yesterday, I found the poor fellow had been deleted and Ellis given a sex change. This has condemned her/him to FamilySearch purgatory.

Fortunately, there is a more believable representation of William and Alice (Ellis) here.

Flight of Fancy 20 · Window


Seeing the light – early morning in the Glen Gardens children’s playground.


Lockdown, some dogs. Word on the beach is that the May to September “dog ban” is not being enforced. Happy days.

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