The Sixth Rule of Bio Tyranny

Lionel sent me the Eight Rules by email a couple of days ago and, quite by chance while looking for Kitching stories, I found an old newspaper cutting that is apropos.


I found two concerned Rushworth fathers with infant daughters near Tyersal but neither is on the Shared Tree. John Ireland RUSHWORTH and his wife Sarah Ann had a two-year-old daughter at the end of 1872. She is Julia Ann in the 1871 census and Julia Hannah in 1911. Yes, without the vaccine she made it to her forties. (Somehow she had been successfully inoculated against marriage.)

The Sixth Rule

Sell the public the vaccine as the magical cure and the key to their freedom from this constraint and restraint. Repeat and reiterate the concept of vaccine as magic, elixir, potion and nostrum. In no time they will be lining up and demanding it, turning on those who question.

Doctor Judy warns about having any Covid-19 vaccine but especially one from a Gates of Hell lab. YouTube is serially taking down the Plandemic trailer so the producers have put on a loud music soundtrack in an attempt to confuse the YT censoring algorithm. This makes it horrible to listen to. So I have linked instead to TruNews. Jump to Edward Szall’s Special Report at 17:30 (a conversation with Dr Mikovits), or to the Plandemic trailer at 35.50.

More About Mary

I emailed a contributor to the Old Malton Kitching Family a couple of days ago and this morning found Mary as the firstborn of Francis Greenley and Esther. I have given her two husbands, some in-laws, and grandchildren. I have now forgotten completely why I jumped from the Scarborough Sheaders to the Kitchings.

Path 89 · Church Ravine



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