I still can’t figure who led me to the KITCHING family. The starting point was John Harrison CAMMISH. As a young man, he was aboard the Edith Cavell when it was captured and sunk by UB21 and thirty-four years later he lost his life in the Scarborough Lifeboat Disaster of 1954. He married Rachel Hannah Cowling SHEADER.

One of Rachel’s uncles is the Spouse who featured in last Tuesday’s post. I have done some work on this “problem” family and have found myself getting irritated now and again. It is annoying when one brother has a source attached which clearly belongs to a sibling. The James Godfrey in the screenshot below is really George Godfrey – and the plain Godfrey is Rachel’s Uncle Spouse. I must admit that giving the middle name Godfrey to both male and female offspring is a bit confusing.


I think I have found all the children for this Sheader branch and will add them to the Shared Tree over the next couple of days. The most egregious mistake will be easy to correct. “James Godfrey” can keep his ID and just have a change of first name and dates – and be replaced by the real first-born James. This wee boy sadly died at eighteen months and, as I write, is one of the thousands of little human archipelagos on FamilySearch generated by “the system”.



Andrew Jeremy Wakefield is a discredited British ex-physician best known for a fraudulent 1998 study that falsely claimed a link between the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and autism, and for his subsequent anti-vaccination activism.


Wikipedia is (occasionally) a source of fraudulent information. I vaguely remember the takedown of Doctor Wakefield. His film, Vaxxed, is currently available on YouTube but could disappear at any moment. The film’s focus is the MMR vaccine/autism connection and the wilful destruction of lives – tens of thousands of children and their parents – with tax-payers picking up bills for “damages” that run to billions of dollars. And then there is the issue of mandatory vaccination being the end of freedom, for everyone. If you are interested, with a mandatory Covid-19 vaccine in mind, start at the film’s website – Vaxxed, From Cover-up to Catastrophe.

Bird 85 · Song Thrush



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