The Children of Francis & Mary

In A Bad Marriage on Tuesday I argued that Ann, sixth child of Francis TAYLOR and Mary BRAITHWAITE (variant spellings), had married William CLARK and not Richard MARSHALL. A closer investigation of the family has revealed other corrections that need to be made.

There is more work to do but provisionally, from left to right:-

Thomas may have died in 1838 but he also appears aged 11 in the 1841 census.

If George died in 1851 his widow was only nine years old.

John Braithwaite Taylor married Elizabeth MORTON, not Ann CHADWICK.

Richard Marshall, hanging on in there.

Sarah Butterick Taylor was illegitimate, not part of this family. Father possibly a Mr. BUTTERICK.

Edmund’s first wife was Harriet WILSON, not Harriet Matilda WILSON.

After James II died in 1846 aged about 18 months Mary gave birth to a boy – James III.

(I have removed the questionmark against Ann NORWOOD, mother of Francis, from Tuesday’s screenshot.)

Francis and Mary have many descendants on the Shared Tree – it won’t be appropriate for me to make changes without contacting other contributors first. It may take a while before the children of Francis and Mary are all present and correct.

Landscape 119 · Filey Brigg

Calm sea, high tide

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