Corona Extra

On 12 August, in Lies and Statistics, I posted a Table of Eleven Countries showing their reported Covid 19 deaths as a percentage of total population. The UK topped the chart, its people being 150 times more likely to die with the hoax disease than New Zealanders. This clearly shows that there is no corellation whatsoever between the lethality of the Fauci Flu and the imposition of tyranny upon docile populations.

I have been gathering Covid data for the Eleven Countries religiously and will be offering graphs every few days with the intention of showing just how important it is that everybody gets the vaccine when it becomes available, whether it is effective, safe, DNA altering or not.

Here are three by way of introduction.

Dividing the actual deaths recorded in 2018 by 365.25 days doesn’t give us a true picture of the rise that year but the orange Covid figures are accurately represented. (They take into account the 5,000 plus deaths adjustment a week or so ago.)

Narrowing the focus to the month of August but taking all deaths-with-Covid for the Year to Date into account –

There’s that 10.3% figure again. The drop in percentage of with-Covid deaths looks steady so you will just have to imagine the local or regional spikes that put parts of England back into lockdown.

What happens to “10.3%” if we calculate a running average of with-Covid deaths just for August?

We are being brainwashed, prepped, primed to expect a “Second Wave” anytime soon. This phenomenon is also known as Pandemic Two – or the Gates Flu because Bill and Melinda reckon it will really get our attention. (Once witnessed, their delight at the prospect can’t be unseen.) Coming soon, maybe as early as next month.

But for now, you can see that only 0.06% of the expected deaths in the UK can be connected directly with Fauci Flu so far this month. This means that 99.94% are dying from something else. Who needs a vaccine? Seven billion people? (Go figure.)

Data source for population and Covid-19 deaths: Worldometers. For 2018 deaths: World Bank.

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