The Six Per Cent

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in America has recently declared that 94% of the people with Covid on their death certificates had comorbidities. The disease caused by SARS-Cov-2 is the sole cause of death for the remainder. The United States deaths by “pure” Covid-19 therefore drop from the reported 188,900 (September 1st) to 11,344. The World death toll could be a little over 50,000.

Yesterday I gathered the final figures for my Eleven Countries so that I could produce some graphs for the  Northern Summer and Southern Winter. I will stay with the grossly inflated figures because I just want to point towards the End of Pandemic One – and at 6% the “picture” will look much the same.

On the Worldometer site you will find that all countries have a Deaths per Million figure. As deaths accumulate, this figure grows. But it grows at a varying rate from day to day in all countries and if this is taken into account the lines on a graph can go down as well as up.

For clarity I have split the Eleven into two groups.

I mentioned in an earlier post that New Zealand was “flat lining”. It’s plain to see here. The Casedemic in the UK is still driving lockdowns in parts of the nation but the pandemic is clearly over here – and in Sweden. India appears to have a problem but its death rate is growing from a low base. Australian deaths have sprung from virtually nothing. Most are in Victoria and can be laid at the door of government incompetence (regarding quarantine). Dictator Dan is far more dangerous than any virus. (Search online for “pregnant woman Ballarat”.)

Public Health England has its own illustrations of Pandemic One’s fading away. More information here.

And what of Pandemic Two? Covid-21 has probably been manufactured  already and is awaiting deployment. This delightful couple can’t hide their glee at the prospect of it being unleashed, because “it will get attention this time”. Threat? Promise?

Nature Morte 13 · Diver

Tidepool, Filey Sands

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