The Bramley Link

It didn’t take long to discover that Robert Bramley CRAWFORD and Mary Jane BRAMLEY are first cousins once removed. Their common ancestors are George Bramley and Charlotte HAMPTON. It took several hours to find Charlotte’s birth family though, partly because George’s “marriage horizon” was wider than that of most Yorkshire tradesmen. He traveled 200 miles from Bubwith to find his wife in Cowley, Middlesex. One source has them marrying in 1804 at St Benet’s, Paul’s Wharf, and another appears to give St Martin in the Fields as the venue. Five years pass before a birth record rewarded my search. Elizabeth in 1809 was followed by Charles (1814), Henry (1816) and John (1822).

Charles is Robert Bramley Crawford’s maternal grandfather and Charles’ younger brother John is Mary Jane Bramley’s father. The “removed” generation is illustrated in the FamilySearch screenshot below.

I have some more merges to do and a bunch of sources to add. Several headstones along the west wall of St Oswald’s churchyard remember descendants of people in the screenshot. I hope to get them uploaded to the Shared Tree in the next week or two.

Water 33 · Autumn

Fallen leaves on the cascade “steps” in Martin’s Ravine

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