Fear of Infection

The Other Sutcliffes

Cricketer’s Son “Convalescing”

(From Our Own Correspondent.)

PUDSEY, Tuesday

Billy Sutcliffe, aged six, of Pudsey, has two heroes – his father, Mr. Herbert Sutcliffe, who is busy making Test match records in Australia, and his doctor.

The doctor is a hero because he was asked to provide nice medicine – and he did – thereby achieving a record in his own way.

Billy went to bed one day last week with mumps. He got up next day, but he has had to be isolated for three weeks. To-night, Mrs Sutcliffe told me that he was”very, very much better,” and added that he had been playing about all over the house during the day.

One of the disadvantages of the position is that Billy’s sister, Barbara, aged 8, has not been allowed to stay at home for fear of infection. She is staying with her grandmother, and is expecting to go home in a fortnight’s time.

“A Good Patient”

Mrs Sutcliffe said that Billy was a very good patient, by which she meant that he was taking a very healthy interest in life. This patient does not calmly do everything he is told but careers all over the place in high glee.

Troubles in this home come only to be conquered. Mrs Sutcliffe herself has been bothered with toothache the last few days, but yesterday she took her courage in both hands and went to the dentist. The offending tooth was removed and now, I suppose, the dentist, too, is a hero.

At least Mrs Sutcliffe told me she was feeling quite fit again, and was able to laugh very cheerfully. But they have no time to think of trouble in Pudsey. It is all they can do to keep up with Herbert’s latest feats.

Leeds Mercury, 7 December 1932

I found Herbert’s father on the FamilySearch Shared Tree today. William, the youngest child of George, a woolen cloth weaver, and Mary, is with seven siblings – and there are three more to be added. He awaits his betrothal to Jane Elizabeth BELL and the creation of a cricketing superstar.

The Sutcliffe line goes back to a Richard Sutcliffe born 1632 in Heptonstall. Elsewhere there are several generations of Gibsons that take Herbert’s pedigree a hundred years further back in time, but several data issues are flagged – of the annoying “born after marriage” variety.

Meanwhile, rona fear is rising. Europe is particularly frightened of the Made in Britain mutant strain of Sars-Cov-2 that is supposedly 70% more transmissible than the CCP original. They wish.

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