Crimean War

This Presidential Decree was activated yesterday. Ukraine wants the Crimea back. “De-occupation” of the Autonomous Republic will not be straightforward and without assistance the strategic capture of the Kerch Strait crossing may prove to be a bridge too far for the Ukraine military. The United States will encourage President Zelensky to throw about what little weight he has, but two of the Normandy Four who met (remotely) only a few days ago – France and Germany – were clearly less enthusiastic about the blue touch paper being lit in the Donbass and Crimea. Forces are gathering, though, and one wrong move by any of those involved in the region could lead to death and destruction on three continents. Wise heads may prevail but there are not many of those around these days. The legacy media are keeping quiet about this. Perhaps there is nothing to see there.

Nature Morte 19 · Frenchman

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