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The UK regime persists in paying the BBC to report daily numbers of new cases of Covid-19 disease and deaths of people “within 28 days of a positive PCR test”.

This observation was made on the website some time ago:-

6…fragments of inactive virus can be persistently detected by PCR in respiratory tract samples following infection – long after a person has completed their isolation period and is no longer infectious.

It is no surprise that the Italian government, after reviewing its Covid-19 mortality data, decided that only 12% of reported deaths to date could be atrributed to the Sars-CoV-2 virus.

Deaths in 2021 from or with Covid-19 are routinely added to last years tally but I preferred starting over on January 1st this year, when we were twenty weeks into the “Second Wave”.

After 12 weeks of this year, the Second Wave is almost over. I have used the figures reported on Worldometer for this chart:-

The first deaths attributed to Covid-19 in the UK occurred in Week 10 last year and make too small an impact to register here (0.01% of Expected Deaths from All Causes). If we apply the Italian 12% apportionment to the UK figures, Week Four’s 46.57% (2021) is reduced to 5.59%. An argument can be made that the other 88% should be considered as “Lockdown Deaths”. The next 12 weeks are going to be interesting.

In an article published on the UK Column website a couple of days ago, Iain Davis explains why we must question the Covid 19 mortality statistics.

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