Deaths Foretold

Over the last ten years or so, the St Oswald’s Churchyard Project has changed my thoughts about death and dying. I have already used up my biblical span, so it is almost time for me to go. It will be a blessing. But for people much younger, these are dark days, depending on how much you know about Build Back Better and The Great Reset.

I won’t be around when the New World Order is a going concern. But perhaps nobody will be.

I have been waiting for the BBC to bring me news of what is going on in and around Ukraine. Not a mention until yesterday, when more than enough minutes were taken up with commentary and soundbites of an interview with Hunter Biden. Seems a nice young man, with a wonderful dad. The compassion of the UK regime’s propaganda machine can take the breath away. Showing much concern now for the health of Alexei Navalny in his Russian prison – when they have cared not a jot for Julian Assange in a jail much closer to Broadcasting House.

NATO forces from many countries will begin Defender exercises in a few weeks time. What could possibly go wrong? The leaders of the Russian Federation, after years of sanctions and name-calling, are preparing for the worst – and being accused of “aggression” by Western observers.

UK regime figures show that about 700 people have been killed by the safe and effective Covid-19 “vaccines” and almost 500,000 “reactions” have so far been reported on the Yellow Card system. BBC reports of the AstraZeneca blood clotting issue always come with an assertion that a proven link of the five UK deaths to this brand of jab has yet to be established.

War, if it happens in May, will be mostly confined to the northern hemishphere (where the missiles are. A long hot summer then, followed by a long cold nuclear winter everywhere.

If it doesn’t happen, we can enjoy instead the collapse of the global financial system. Kicking off by the end of the year, perhaps earlier.

Then there is the Great Reset – and for that to work as planned, the bell has to toll for almost everyone. Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.

Nature Morte 20 · Mole

Talpa europaea, Filey St Oswald’s churchyard

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