Project Fear Again

Deaths in the UK associated with Covid-19 have fallen in Week 16 of 2021 to 0.64% of Expected Deaths from All Causes. The regime has therefore instructed the BBC to major on India’s experience of a “surge” in Covid cases and deaths. The sudden increase there is alarming, and is made to seem more horrifying by the suggestion that the Indian Government is under-reporting Covid-19 deaths. Twice as many people in India may be dying from the Sars-CoV-2 virus.

In the UK’s Second Wave” the opposite seemed to be true – the regime inflating the figures. Some analysts suggest that the current UK total  of 127,500 should be reduced to around 25,000, with four-fifths of those having a positive Covid test within 28 days having succumbed to one or more of their serious comorbidities – or old age.

For the chart below I have used the Covid deaths reported to Johns Hopkins (bars), doubled India’s weekly figures and halved the UK’s (dotted lines).

Brits have little to fear – except BBC induced fear itself. And perhaps another “draconian” lockdown in the autumn.

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