A Jarring Mason

For about eleven years, John MABBOTT was stepfather to the three surviving children of his second wife Ruth MASON (nee GREEN). Of the three, I have so far found that only the boy, Amos, married. And while adding some sources to his family on the Shared Tree today I happened upon a particularly egregious case of mistaken identity.

Though four decades separate their births, they both marry Mary Ann FARROW and father Clara Annie. The FamilySearch ‘system’ is aware that this is a nonsense and issues a warning on Amos the Younger’s record.

I thought this problem would disappear if I ended the relationship with Mary Ann but it didn’t. Only the date of the spurious marriage was removed. More radical surgery is required – but I think I’ll leave it for “family” to do.

Insect 31 · Angle Shades Moth

Phlogophora meticulosa, Sand Hill Lane

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