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Husband One

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Husband Two

Husband Three is Cdr Edmund Henry Outram 1858-1937.

…and of AGNES, his wife, died June 3rd 1939, aged 70.

The grave in St Oswald’s, Filey is sadly undistinguished for a man who was awarded a DSO  for services in the Royal Navy Reserve during the First World War – a rectangle of granite kerb enclosing a patch of packed earth, gravel, grass and weeds.

I described Commander/Captain OUTRAM as an “old sea dog” in an earlier post that introduced the only son he had with Agnes, killed at the age of 21 in that terrible conflict. I mentioned that the family of three was proving difficult to trace but that I would continue searching. It has been a while…

You may have noticed that Cdr Edmund H. Outram, resting eternally in Filey, was born in in the same year as Husband One. The only source attached to Edmund Edward is the 1881 Canada Census and the page image offers just “Edmund” – no middle name or initial. Here is Edmund Henry’s Probate information.

It is beginning to look like another case of mistaken identity, both men seemingly born in Sydney, Cape Breton. The 1859 birth year of Husband One’s Agnes is ten years earlier than that of Edmund Henry’s Agnes – 1869 is indicated by the death registration and Monumental Inscription.. Agnes One’s parents are given as John Young and Jane Wallace Craig on the Shared Tree but there is a source for a two year-old Agnes Young with different parents in the 1871 Canada Census, residing in Sydney…

FamilySearch screenshot

The 1871 census also records a six year-old Agnes Young (Agnes Two?) in Nova Scotia but 400 kms away in Halifax. So, we may have three individuals of each sex, mixed up.

One of the men, Husband Two, died a bachelor. Edmund Healy Outram, Vicar of Ropsley, is single when the 1911 England & Wales Census is taken, and there is no mention of a wife in a newspaper account of his funeral in April 1929. One of the mourners attending the service was a cousin, Edmund Outram. Was it Husband One or Husband Three? See their relationship with Edmund Healy, the unmarried husband, on the Shared Tree.

I have not been able to find a birth registration for young Edmund, whose life ended on the first day of the Battle of the Somme. Father Edmund’s address in 1937 was the same as that noted in the CWGC record – 41 West Avenue.

Photographed yesterday

Agnes downsized to an address nearby, shown on her Probate record.

Photographed this morning

The value of the Effects left by Agnes is about £109,000 in “today’s money”, compared with her husband’s £200,000. This is small beer compared to the value of Great Western Railway shares transmitted by Julia Maclean Outram to Henry Edmund (sic) Outram, Emilia Julia Evenett (widow) and Charles Alexander Outram. £154,893 3s. 0d in 1930 is worth over £7 million now. This shines a melancholy light on the grave plot in Filey churchyard – and upon the thrown away life of young Edmund.

Path 135 · Church Ravine

A Mainstream Media Disconnect

TV News in India recently reported the Modi Government’s plea to social media platforms in the West to remove “Indian Variant” references from their platforms – because it doesn’t exist. Oh, yes it does. In the UK the notorious mutant is more than likely to provide the excuse the UK regime needs to break the promise to release Brits from all lockdown restrictions in three weeks time. The BBC this morning was preparing us for the Great Disappointment.

Unattributed image from today’s UK Column News

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