Emily’s Brothers

I have put Emily Etta Parrott’s headstone on the Shared Tree but Tom, the eldest of her four brothers, is still absent. It may take a few more days to extricate him from the marriage to another man’s wife.

I only had to create IDs for Emily and George William. The wee boy was a few months old when he died, leaving the way clear for George Woodward. Placing George the Second with another family seemed to be a FamilySearch “system error” so I didn’t think I would upset anyone by bringing him back home.

The forebears of Hemswell and Upton cum Kexby Parrots have not yet shown themselves but if you check out Emily’s youngest brother, John Edward, you can follow the many branches of his wife Thirza’s family. Her father’s line only goes back to 1683 but there are plenty of good marriages that will introduce you to “the Conquerors”, and their ancestors who ruled swathes of Europe in the Dark Ages.

Sky 25 · Filey Bay

Filey Brigg, sunlit

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