Bella, Bella

Using my godlike powers, I gave Isabella Bielby CAMMISH a FamilySearch ID last October, in advance of putting her gravestone on the Shared Tree. Alas, I have feet of clay and didn’t get around to doing this until yesterday. It was a shock to see that “my” Isabella had been “disappeared”.

In limbo, her six good sources are still attached.

I went to the churchyard to photograph the stone again.

The inscribed date and age at death tally with the FamilySearch deletion notice. Contributors to the Shared Tree move in mysterious ways sometimes.

But who would believe it? That two baby girls, born the same year and in the same neighbourhood, would be registered as Isabella Cammish. It is not unreasonable for someone to think I married “their” Isabella to the wrong man.

Mary Cammish, mother of the first Isabella to be born in 1894, probably didn’t give the middle name “Bielby” to help with future confusion. It was, more likely, a pointer to the father. But the ‘B’ is of assistance to the alert family historian.

Births (GRO)


CAMMISH, Isabella Bielby, Mother’s Maiden Surname: -.  GRO Reference: 1894 J Quarter in SCARBOROUGH Volume 09D Page 361.


CAMMISH, Isabella, Mother’s Maiden Surname: CRIMLISK. GRO Reference: 1894 D Quarter in SCARBOROUGH Volume 09D Page 373.

On the first two census nights of her life, Isabella B. was under the roof of her grandparents, George Simmons Cammish and Isabella nee HARRISON. Their dwelling in Swann’s Yard in 1901 had 13 Queen Street as its address. During the next ten years the household moved a short distance to Reynold’s Yard. In 1911, “the other Isabella” was with her parents, and younger brothers William and Francis  – at 14 Queen Street.

Filey Genealogy & Connections (in RootsMagic) shows the girls’ relationship –

Isabella B. married at age 21, Isabella at 25.

Marriages Jun 1915 (Free BMD)

CAMMISH Isabella B & WYVILL Crompton, Scarbro 9d 1066.

Marriages Mar 1919 (Free BMD)

CAMMISH Isabella & WRIGHT Allan, Scarbro 9d 697.      

The 1939 Register reveals that Mrs Wyvill remained in Filey.

Whereas Mrs Wright went with her husband to live in the Huntingdon.

At birth, 247 days separated the two girls; at death 14 years.

Deaths Jun 1974  (Free BMD)

WYVILL, Isabella, [Date of Birth] 13MY1894, SCARBROROUGH 2 2298.

June 1988 (GRO)

WRIGHT, Isabella, Year of Birth: 1894. GRO Reference: DOR Q2/1988 in HUNTINGDON (3331) Volume 9 Page 1013.

I must play God again and return Isabella B. to her husband.

I will do this tomorrow. Find the other Isabella on the Shared Tree.

(Mary Ann Wright, in the screenshot above, is not related by blood to Isabella’s husband Allan.)

Found Object 57 · Jewels

Queen Street

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