A Distant Marriage Horizon

I haven’t been calculating the distances young Filey born men and women travelled to find a spouse but would guess the average is not much more than ten miles for both sexes. Henry JOHNSON journeyed almost 300 miles from the Yorkshire coast to find Beatrice Ellen SELLICK. They were married in Bridgwater in 1923. I don’t know if they set up home in Filey shortly afterwards but their son, Bernard Tom Henry, was born here in 1930. The 1939 Register found them living in West Avenue.

Henry and Beatrice are remembered on the broken headstone of Tom Henry Johnson and Mary Ann BULMER.

I have put a photograph of the stone on the FamilySearch Shared Tree and will add a little to the Sellick pedigree tomorrow.

Path 150 · Cleveland Way

Evening moon over Flamborough Head

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