Safe and Effective

I haven’t looked at UK Covid deaths since the beginning of June and stopped listening to BBC News and its daily death cult announcements about the same time. Updating the spreadsheet comparing this year with 2020 offered a surprise.

Here is summer –

We didn’t have ”vaccines” last year, crowds couldn’t attend major sporting events, and perhaps there were fewer demonstrations against the tyranny. Information coming out of the Jabber’s Paradise (Israel) indicates that the “vaccines” don’t work as advertised. The chart above seems to indicate that. But would the unseasonal rise in deaths this year have been greater without the gene therapies? Or is the mysterious Delta Variant being superspread by the “vaccinated”? (Mysterious because there isn’t a test for the Delta Variant, and yet we are told it is now responsible for the majority of “cases”.)

September is the last month of the respiratory illness year. Things are not looking good for the UK in late autumn and winter. Lockdowns are a curse, bringing more misery, illness and death than the disease – but expect restrictions on liberty to be re-imposed. Soonish.

On 12 August the UK Yellow Card System had logged 1,151,768 adverse reactions and 1,596 deaths following “vaccination” against Covid 19. Unsafe then, but intentionally so it seems. Otherwise the “roll out” would have been halted long ago.

Mark of Man 71 · Agnus Dei

St Leonard’s, Speeton

The sins of this world need to be taken away. Soonish.

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