Some Clay Figures

Arthur Travis CLAY died on 16 October 1919 and a probate entry gives two addresses for him – Holly Bank in the West Riding (Rastrick) and Waxholme in the East (Filey). His effects were valued at £58,997 0s. 8d, which is about 3 million pounds in today’s money. For many years, Arthur lived next door to Rastrick House in Brighouse – the “family home” occupied by his older brother, John William.

John died in October 1918, leaving effects valued at £60,650 12s. 1d.

Arthur’s youngest son, Wilfrid Travis Clay, was residing at Holly Bank when he died in 1945, leaving property to the value of £30,281 14s. 6d. – a mere million and a quarter today.

Waxholme, Arthur’s red brick Filey home, is now a Convent. In 1901 he was there on census night, a widower with his five surviving children, aged 24 to 18. Four servants and a “lady housekeeper” described as a “boarder” completed the household.

At the opposite side of the driveway leading to Ravine Hall (now Glen Gardens), Langford Villa was occupied by recently widowed Annie Isabella BIRCH, a son Alan Grant, and two servants. She married Arthur the following year and in 1904 her eldest son, John Kenneth Beaufoy, married Janet Elizabeth Clay, Arthur’s elder daughter.

Langford Villa & Waxholme, 20 September 2021

Path 152 · Long Lane

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