My Cousin Josh?

Last month I mentioned the possibility that I shared common ancestors with Edith Beaumont Clay.

Last night I watched the first programme in Series 18 of Who Do You Think You Are?, featuring Josh Widdicombe. On his journey into the past, the first name that rang my bell was Lady Katherine KNOLLYS, the daughter of my many times great grandmother, Mary BOLEYN (possibly).

Josh’s televised adventure didn’t go any further back than another of our (maybe) common grandparents, King Edward I of England, aka “Longshanks”.

Catch it if you can, wherever you happen to live. Genealogical eye candy of the highest order.

Find Mary Boleyn on the FamilySearch Shared Tree.

Josh was expecting to find “a couple of farmers” among his forebears and was well pleased with the quality of the stock from which he came. I wish I had a bunch of historians to establish my descent from the high and somewhat mighty down to my ag labs and sawyers.

Townscape 72 · Seafront

Seawall Repair

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