Towie Girls

Sisters Mary and Elizabeth Isabella LAW gave Towie, Aberdeenshire, as their birthplace in most censuses but their home was about three miles east of the hamlet, at Wester Sinnahard. Their grandfather, John, seems to have farmed there – and also at both Easter and Middle Sinnahard.

 I am guessing that it is Middle Sinnahard in the Google View above. In 1871, George Law, aged 34 and unmarried, is listed here as a Boarder, an agricultural labourer working for his uncle, Alexander Law. Eliza Alexander CLARK, a 21-year-old general servant is also enumerated at the farm. She would marry George a couple of years later. Mary was their first child and Elizabeth Isabella their fourth. The sisters’ lives ended 350 miles to the south at Cayton, Mary in 1937 at Rose Cottage, aged 63, and Elizabeth Isabella in 1972 at White Croft, aged 91. Both were widows and they, and their husbands, are remembered on a granite stone in St Oswald’s churchyard. The memorial has a twin…

photographed yesterday afternoon

There is work still to do to figure the full implications of the SAUNDERS connection to the NICHOLSON family. Representation on the FamilySearch Shared Tree is as yet unclear.

Stone 29 · Clarke’s Asphalt


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