Rate Rise

Japan has changed its strategy in the battle against the “pandemic”, turning away from “vaccines” to successful treatments offered by many doctors around the world. The result has been a significant reduction recently in deaths from the disease known as Covid-19.

I downloaded this month’s reported deaths associated with Covid in the UK and Japan, calculated the daily deaths per million people and compared the rates in the two countries.

On average for the month-to-date, the daily death total from Covid is 14.8 times higher in the UK.

The rate rise in the last few days is striking and seems to support evidence offered on some news sites.

I went to my local pharmacy for Ivermectin several months ago and came away empty-handed, and with little hope that the UK regime would ever make it readily available.

This morning I noticed the regime’s remedy for keeping us safe had been rolled out at the Bus Station.

But please sir, I want some Ivermectin, Quercetin and Zinc. I only have Vits C and D right now. And with Brandon’s dark winter fast approaching…

Measure of Man 64 · Crescent Hill Slip

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