Mary Goes a Different Way

Given the domestic situations of the LAW sisters towards the end of their lives, it is likely that Mary accompanied Elizabeth Isabella on the five hundred mile journey to London. But life in the capital did not suit her. She moved on another fifty miles to Liss Forest in Hampshire. In 1901 she is a housemaid at The Wylds, one of six servants ensuring the comfort of Robert HENDERSON, his wife and their three daughters.

The approaching 20th century brought change to this quiet corner of England. The Ministry of Defence built two army camps, the boundary to Longmoor being only three hundred metres away from the Henderson house. Bordon Camp was four miles further north and in 1901 a house painter called Frederick Walkley SAUNDERS was enumerated there. The fates arranged a meeting with Mary and the couple married in 1907, about a year before Elizabeth Isabella and Tom Holland KILLINGBECK tied the knot.

Mary and Frederick had just one child, daughter Jean Elizabeth Margaret. Frederick didn’t live to see her marry in Filey St Oswald’s church.

You may recall that St Kitts was Elizabeth Isabella’s address in 1915 – and notice that the connection to Scotland remains intact.

Mary died about 15 months after the wedding, before grandson James David Lee NICHOLSON was born.

Last Tuesday I offered a scrap of FamilySearch Tree showing “David Nicholson” and a photograph of his headstone indicating accidental death. James, an Olympic athlete, was killed in a car accident.

Below is a fragment of SAUNDERS  pedigree. Frederick George is Mary Law’s father in law.

I have gathered enough information to connect this to the Law, Killingbeck and Nicholson families – and can then put the “twin headstones” on FamilySearch as memories.

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