What a To Do

I have tried a few times to employ a To-Do List to help me complete Filey family and local history tasks.

I set up the current List at the end of May. The most recent task I set myself, No.39, was added in mid-September. Task completion rate overall is a modest 20%. That three-quarters of the first eight tasks have been done suggests good intentions and perhaps enthusiasm at the beginning. But check the completion times for the Killingbeck tasks below.

I began looking into the PERRYMAN family yesterday. Henry was the initial focus person because he is remembered on the Filey War Memorial in Murray Street.

And here he is, with Tom Holland Killingbeck of recent posts, on the Memorial in St Oswald’s Church.

Filey Genealogy & Connections gives Henry thirteen siblings.

Four children here died in infancy but in 1911 William John, by then a widower, stated on the census form that he was the father of twenty children, only eight of whom were living.

This unusually large family is much reduced on the FamilySearch Shared Tree.

There is a duplicate representation of the marriage of “just William” and Agnes [9799-F3M] and neither offers children. I am not sure how I missed these records a year ago, but when I put the headstone photo remembering the parents of Agnes on FamilySearch, I created an ID for her. Perhaps I was thrown by her having a middle name, “Ann”.

There is just one Perryman stone in the churchyard. When I photographed it three years ago it was in a sorry state.

I was pleased yesterday to see that it had been raised and will put a photo of it on FamilySearch as soon as I can. The inscription remembers mother-of-twenty Agnes, her third child Agnes (1869-1890) and Albert (1886-1887) who may have been her last-born, but currently No.18 in my collection.

William Edmund Perryman II seems to be the only child with an existing FamilySearch ID, married to “Jane Perryman” [KG6F-4B7]. Quite a task to put all the others on the Shared Tree.

Tree 70 · White Willow

Glen Gardens

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