Suffer Little Children

In the middle of the 19th Century, there were too many children in Victorian Britain. One in three Victorians were under fifteen. Large numbers of these young people failed to reach adulthood. In The Face of Britain, Simon Schama writes about Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and Alice.

…for all the Liddell girls in their flouncy white skirts and aprons, nibbling on muffins in the Deanery, there were whole armies of soot-caked, blood spitting, tiny walking skeletons, greasy rags falling off them; sticking bony hands out to beg in the alleys or cutting purses of the unaware, for Fagin’s kitchen was not entirely an invention of Dickens’s imagination. Nor were the other starvelings of his pages imaginary. There were indeed factory-floor toilers sent to poke around between the cogs and grinding wheels of machines where grown-up hands couldn’t reach. There were still more of them gasping in the filthy clouds of grey-and-yellow choking dust which clogged their lungs and shortened their lives. Rickety-limbed urchins tottered over the back-lane cobbles; child prostitutes with running sores bleated from murky doorways; little battalions of the houseless slept rough under bridges, batting away the rats; emaciated crossing-sweepers like Jo in Bleak House scraped the horse turds from the streets between the oncoming clatter of carriages, barely recognizable as humans at all, more like scurrying, whimpering, grimy-clawed vermin. Pillars of society high-hatted and tidily bonneted stepped over child-shaped bundles of rags, whether they were squirming or inert. Survival for the rag-bundles depended on precious exposure to the kind of worldly wisdom taught in the Artful Dodger School of Useful Knowledge.

Today, only 18% of Brits are under fifteen but, arguably, there are still too many children. The current generation of the high-hatted and tidily bonneted seem to think so anyway and have implemented a plan to do something about it. The full effect of “the vax”, (you know the one I mean), will not be known for 10 years or more but enough damage has been done already to know that mandating C-jabs for children is wrong. (Link to No More Silence for more testimonies.)

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The not yet fallen

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